Membership Fees

Membership Fees

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Membership dues are $40 for the year for all new members (which includes your name badge and swinger tag for your multiples) and $30 per year for renewing members. Membership dues are pro-rated by quarter. Please see the below for a breakdown.

Membership dues cover your membership to Multiples of America, our parent organization, and our local club business expenses, including: corporation renewal, liability insurance, web hosting, and general expenses.

All Prospective Members are given a 90-day complimentary trial period. Membership dues can be paid at any time during the trial period.

Below are the pro-rated amounts, depending on the month you pay for your membership or renewal.

You can also add $3 per each additional swinger tag, to include all of your children with your multiples on your name badge.
Please email the total number of tags, children’ names and birthdates to be printed on each to
You may opt to make an in-kind donation to help gift Club memberships to MoMs who may not be able to afford the annual dues.

Payment Amounts:

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