Benefits Of Membership

In addition to the bond of fellowship amongst parents of multiples, paid members receive:

  • Access to our private Members-Only Facebook page and all the support, advice and entertainment that comes with it.
  • Opportunities to take part in all our events, activities, field trips, play dates, discounted theater shows and group events, etc.
  • Subscription to our quarterly e-newsletter, “Multiples Quarterly”, which features monthly member bio’s, events calendar, parenting articles, crafts, recipes, parenting resources and more.
  • Opportunity to apply for the annual CSMOMS Multiples in the Arts scholarship.
  • Automatic membership in the Multiples of America (formerly National Organization of Mothers of Twins Club), and subscription to their newsletter, “Notebook.”
  • Member Access to our BigTent group site and membership directory.

Membership dues

Membership is open to mothers of twins, triplets or higher order multiple birth children in South Florida.

Membership dues are $40 per year for all new members (which includes your name badge and swinger tag for your twins) and $30 per year for renewing members. Additional swinger tags to list siblings are available for $2.50 per tag. Your membership dues cover your national membership dues and our club business expenses: corporation renewal, liability insurance, web hosting, quarterly club representation at the state meeting and general expenses.

Expecting moms are honorary members until their babies are born. New moms of multiples will be given a 90 day complimentary trial period. Membership dues can be paid at any time during the trial period.

If you are joining CSMOMs during our membership year, your first year’s dues will be pro-rated as follows:
June-Aug: $40 | Sept-Nov: $32.50 | Dec-Feb: $25.00 | March-May: $17.50.

For membership specific questions or to inquire about becoming a member, please contact our Vice President of Membership, Angie Martinez.