Club Financials

September 20 2018

Here are the “ins and outs” of the past two months’ club  finances: June Treasury ReportBeginning Balance: $4,839.52 (including $60 petty cash)Receipts: $3,333.99Disbursements: $2,588.28Ending Balance: $5,585.23 July Treasury Report Beginning Balance: $6,125.23 (including $60 petty cash)Receipts: $457.37Disbursements: $1,004.50Ending Balance: $5,578.10

Arts scholarship

Multiples in the Arts Scholarship

September 20 2018

CSMOMS is offering a members-only scholarship program “Multiples in The Arts”! Two families will be awarded each fiscal year to receive an individual scholarship per family. So you ask, who can apply? Well, any paid member in good standing whose multiple children (ages 3 and under and ages 4 and over) are enrolled in a …

President’s Letter

September 19 2018

Hey, all! I hope you enjoy the new digital format of the club newsletter!! Big thanks to Madalina Iordache, Lauren and George at Bright Pink for coming up with the new layout and putting it all together! (I wasn’t much help on any of that! Lol!) I’m excited to see it all come together! I …

New Members & New Babies

September 13 2018

A warm welcome to CSMOMS newest members and newest bundles of joy! New Members: Kate Mescal – North Palm Beach Christina Chenal – West Palm Beach Christina Baltar – Coral Springs Kymeisha Brewster – Palm Beach Theresa Mahabir – North Lauderdale Erica Johnson – Boca Raton Lindsey Bolden – Palm Beach New Babies: Brooke ForresterBennett …

How to Prepare Your Twins for Separate Classrooms

September 06 2018

Written by CSMOMS member, Amanda Foster Check out the original article on the Twiniversity webpage. “Can we be in the same class this year?” said my twins during the car ride on the way home from summer camp. They have been in separate classrooms since they were three years old, but every summer they are …